About me

Logically thinking, business minded website developer with a strong mathematical background from degree level education. Several years’ work at varying levels of commercial development in varying team sizes, working with clients to understand and analyse their requirements, and quickly learning new skills or methods where needed to accomplish goals, showing excellent project/time management and development ability. Always interested in new projects and working with new people to explore new technologies and techniques to further my expertise.

Currently lead developer in a fast paced marketing company, using my mathematical ability to apply statistical analysis to extremely large data sets and building scaling cloud systems to extract market insights.

My latest CV covering my software developer work is available here: Download CV

Alternatively, feel free to contact me or approach me via a social media or photography account.

My Work

My Web Development career was build on PHP, creating websites for financial services. Since then I have also worked in the marketing sector, working with Big Data while doing search engine analysis. During this time I learnt how to work with the cloud and build auto-scaling systems. I have also gone on to run a team of developers, teaching them the best practices and API first approaches that I have learn throughout my years of experience.

I now use many languages and technologies to achieve the objectives that come before me. I'm a big advocate of using well-tested pre-existing code where possible, not over complicating things, and writing well-tested code that can be used elsewhere. Using CI tools to do so. I also take a progressive enhancement approach to most external projects, appeal to the majority and add the fancy bits for those that can see them. The web is a very accessible space, websites should be too.

In my spare time I'm a keen photographer and general aviation pilot. I have done several aviation photography contracts, amongst other photography projects. Links to photography work can be found in the social and photography section.

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